The Bull Bracknell

Branding + Packaging

The Bull is a pub dating back to the 15th century situated in the heart of a brand new shopping centre redevelopment in Bracknell, London. Because of this redevelopment, The Bull wanted to redefine their offer to a premium dining experience amongst a sea of Nandos and Pret a Mangers. The brief was to combine old with new, celebrating their heritage while embracing a new more modern look. This was achieved by combining a botanical engraving style illustration with modern paired back fonts and a bold colour palette. The illustration referenced not only the local flora of Bracknell forest, but also vintage wallpapers popular in England in the late 17th century arts and craft movement.


BullImages2019Artboard 1.jpg
Artboard 17@1x.png
BullImages2019Artboard 2.jpg
BullImages2019Artboard 2 copy 2.jpg
BullImages2019Artboard 2 copy.jpg
BullImages2019Artboard 2 copy 3.jpg
Artboard 17@1x.png
BullImages2019Artboard 1 copy.jpg

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