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Case Study


Acupuncture with Grace was a Melbourne based acupuncture practice run by sole trader, Dr Grace Jones. However, after relocating to the Sunshine Coast, Grace reevaluated her business and decided to focus on her passion, the impact of Chinese Medicine on women’s health and fertility. With a new direction and a view for expansion, Bloom Chinese Medicine was born.

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With a new name and new location, the challenge was to create a brand synonymous with natural health and fertility.

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Before starting any design, research was conducted to better understand Bloom’s new business objectives and target market. These were the insights that were gathered.

Brand Personality

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Target Market

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Desired Attitudes

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After evaluating the insights, I created three potential rebrand streams and corresponding moodboards, with each direction pertaining to a different facet of the target market.


When it comes to their fertility and health, it is most important to the client that the treatments are natural.


When it comes to their fertility and health, it is most important to the client that they feel safe in an empowering female environment.


When it comes to their fertility and health, it is most important to the client that the treatments are effective regardless of the method.

While there is crossover between each stream, the challenge for was to identify what BEST represented Bloom’s values and clients.


Chosen Direction:

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Stage 1

Three options were presented based on the chosen moodboard of Health.

Each option had a corresponding secondary logo, icon, colour palette and simple visual direction to show how each look could implemented into a fully fledged brand. A detailed rationale was also provided to highlight the inspiration behind each concept and how they conformed to the brief.

Option 1

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Option 2

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Option 3

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Stage 2

Option 1 really resonated with Grace. However, she loved the icon from option 3 as not only was it the traditional flower of life symbol, but also mirrored that marks left by cupping – one of the services Bloom provides. With some final finessing the new Bloom logo was approved.

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The Bloom logo is inspired by strength in femininity.

The handcrafted brush script is feminine and beautifully imperfect – it has charm. The rhythm of the letterforms leads the viewer along the wordmark, like the ebbs and flows of the tide.

The brush script is balanced by a clear and minimal sans serif, which brings the seriousness of health back to the logo. It strikes a balance between logic and emotion.

The deep midnight blue and pop of gold hint at the premium nature of the brand without being ostentatious or exclusionary.

Stage 3

Bloom’s brand guidelines were then created based on the chosen logo. Brand guidelines are handy a reference tool that provide specific instructions on how to maintain consistency across all branded communications. Bloom’s guidelines included logo applications, suggested fonts, colour palettes and visual assets such as photography styling and patterns.

Having this tool makes it easy to create design assets that are consistently on brand.

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“Jena is awesome! After having been disappointed more than once by previous designers, I was thrilled to find her. Jena took a lot of time to really listen to me, understand my business and understand exactly what I wanted in my logo & brand identity. I couldn’t be happier with the results and my enquiries have actually increased (no joke!) since implementing the new branding. Highly highly recommend her services.”

Director, Bloom Chinese Medicine

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