Branding + Packaging

Alliance is a catering company owned by the Spotless Group specialising in the education, business and health care markets across Australia and New Zealand. The brief was to rebrand Alliance to give it a fresher more contemporary feel. This extended all the way from identity, style guide, uniforms, collateral, packaging and signage, to corporate documents, internal communications and tender presentations. By using a friendly customised font, warm colour palette and fresh colourful photography style, Alliance was transformed into a friendlier more inviting brand – perfect for the markets they are catering for.


Artboard 17@1x.png
AllianceImages2019Artboard 2.jpg
AllianceImages2019Artboard 2 copy 2.jpg
AllianceImages2019Artboard 2 copy 3.jpg
AllianceImages2019Artboard 2 copy.jpg
Artboard 17@1x.png
AllianceImages2019Artboard 1 copy.jpg

Produced while working at Nose to Tail


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