Young’s Day

Branding, Packaging + Signage

Founded in 1831, Young & Co.’s Brewery is one of the largest pub chains in England, operating over 220 pubs and hotels. To celebrate their 185th birthday, Youngs decided to brew a custom ale that came served in a commemorative collectors pint glass. The brief was to create an identity that celebrated their history and all that they had achieved in the last 185 years. The branding had to be flexible as it was to be applied to packaging and signage through to publications and advertising. Their corporate font and imagery was used throughout the materials to tie in with their brand, however it was given a grunge treatment to hark back to their industrial beginnings. This became a theme throughout the process. The idea being to marry the old with the new as a visual interpretation of their origins and also their pioneering business practices within the pub industry.


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YoungsImages2019Artboard 2.jpg
YoungsImages2019Artboard 2 copy.jpg
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